What Elon’s Purchase of Twitter Means for the Gospel

Elon Musk, who openly supports freedom of speech, recently purchased 100% of Twitter, a platform that has many policies that hinder Christians from speaking on more sensitive subjects, such as gender. Ray Comfort comments on this exciting acquisition, how it relates to Christians, and then shares the gospel with a staunch—but friendly—atheist. Get The EvidenceContinue reading “What Elon’s Purchase of Twitter Means for the Gospel”

Creation Allies: Will Just Any Creator God Do?

Intelligent design—allies of biblical creationists? We’ve said for years that the Intelligent Design (ID) movement—the idea that certain features in various living things were designed by an “intelligent cause” rather than through solely naturalistic processes—is incomplete. While certain ID arguments about design are helpful in pointing people to the Creator (and we use many ofContinue reading “Creation Allies: Will Just Any Creator God Do?”

Are Humans “Messing with Evolution”?

Are humans “messing with evolution”? According to a new study, we are! This study looked at so-called “rapid evolution”—which the authors argue is “not so exceptional . . . it’s actually occurring all the time”—and how humans are the driving force behind much of the current change we’re seeing in nature. What Kind of Change? So, whatContinue reading “Are Humans “Messing with Evolution”?”

Why There’s No Such Thing as ‘Junk DNA’

For decades, scientists have used the term “junk DNA” to talk about the useless leftovers from our supposed evolutionary history. In fact, as much as 98% of our DNA has been deemed “junk.” But is this term accurate? From a biblical perspective, no. And it seems scientists are beginning to realize this as well. AContinue reading “Why There’s No Such Thing as ‘Junk DNA’”

Man Becomes Sportswoman of the Year – Answers News: October 11, 2021

Squirrel hid 175 pounds of nuts in Chevy Avalanche pickup while owner was away, Fox news host Ainsley Earhardt launches series ‘Beyond and Back’ to show ‘proof of Heaven’, researchers explore what drives animal infanticide, transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard named Sportswoman of the Year, Canadian Christian activist on trial for alleged ‘hate crime’ at aContinue reading “Man Becomes Sportswoman of the Year – Answers News: October 11, 2021”