Proteha Matrimonio Hetero i Monogamo

Esaki ta pasando na Korsou awor aki. Papia awor of pa semper keda ketu (wak ki desaster ta pasando na Merka). LGBT+ lobby ta purbando di kambia lei pa nan benefisio, pa asina indoctrina bo yu nan ku e idealogia LGBT+ (nan mes nos por hanja yu!). “Die vinden zich in een vergelijkbare situatie (dieContinue reading “Proteha Matrimonio Hetero i Monogamo”

Halloween, Just a feast?

The origin of Halloween. Ages before the birth of Christ the countries England, Scotland, Germany, France and Ireland were inhabited by people called Celts. They celebrated their new year called Samhain on the 1st of November which was the end of the summer and the harvest time. They believed that on New Year’s Eve, theContinue reading “Halloween, Just a feast?”

The Horrific Consequences of the Transgender Agenda

Transgenderism has consequences Those who think biblically (building their worldview on the Bible—beginning in Genesis) know that despising God’s design of male and female (Genesis 1:27), ignoring biological reality, and heavily emphasizing these things to children will have real-world consequences. We’ve already detailed some of those consequences in previous articles and blog posts—for example, theContinue reading “The Horrific Consequences of the Transgender Agenda”

“Virtual Children”—the Future of Parenthood?

What will the future look like? Skies filled with flying cars? Virtual reality travel? “Tamagotchi kids”? Well, according to a recent article about a new book coming from an expert on artificial intelligence, “Tamagotchi kids” will be the “new thing” in parenting (or, rather, so-called parenting!). Okay, what’s a Tamagotchi kid? This phrase, borrowed fromContinue reading ““Virtual Children”—the Future of Parenthood?”

Children—Capable of Making Life-Altering Decisions?

An attention-grabbing title recently appeared in The Washington Post’s op-ed section, “Why do we let children buy firearms?”—a shocking title meant to generate traffic, no doubt. As you may surmise, the article is in response to the unthinkably horrific fatal shootings of nineteen students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, and ten people at aContinue reading “Children—Capable of Making Life-Altering Decisions?”